Corima 32mm Tubular Wheels

With the UK Hill Climb season rapidly approaching I looked at my bike and worked out where I could save the most weight. I ride a Cervelo R3, a lightweight bike that served my well throughout the season. However, as is with most bikes sold complete; the wheels were a little more heavier than I would have liked. So after having a good look on the internet I bought this snazzy wheelset in September from Strada Wheels. I wanted something I’d be able to use in road races as well as hill climbs, which I knew would be fine with the Corima’s as they are used by the Astana Pro Team.

What was frustrating was that delivery took 8 weeks rather than the 4 weeks that was stipulated, which meant that I was unable to use them for 10 of the 11 hill climbs I did this season. Despite this I would still recommend Corima wheels and Strada to other cyclists for several reasons:

  1. The wheels are lightweight but are still extremely stiff
  2. The Strada team did a fantastic job on the rim build
  3. Handling and acceleration is perfect
  4. £1,100 total which includes wheel bags, brake pads and delivery is good value for money

The only event I was able to use the wheels for was the National Hill Climb last Sunday. Having ridden up Bank Road the week before with my old wheels (Fulcrum Racing 5’s), I am prepared to say that I saved as much as 10 seconds with the reduced weight. That’s a fair amount for an 800 metre climb.

Fulcrum Racing 5 with inner tubes and Specialized Roubaix tyres: 2,430g

Corima with Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ Tubular tyres: 1,575g

Total weight saved: 855g


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