Calpe Training Camp

When I pictured a week training near Alicante I assumed it would be clear skies and close to 20 degrees everyday, however the weather this week has been a bit hit-and-miss. I can’t complain too much though as  I hear its been close to freezing back home!

It must be said that the whole region is well setup for cyclists, where perfect road surfaces and considerate drivers are as common as potholes and impatient drivers are in the UK. There is a terrain for every rider’s preference. There are plenty of flat and rolling roads along the coast, but head inland and you could find yourself on a decent climb pretty quickly.

It’s certainly a must go place for any cycling fan because you can guarantee you will see the pros out everyday, training on the same roads you are using. I was even lucky enough to go inside the hotel where Astana and Katusha are currently staying and take a look at all the many bikes and equipment the teams have. Astana even had a team branded table football machine!

Astana bikes

I didn’t do any massively long or hard days in the saddle, just 55-115km everyday to keep the legs moving. That resulted in a weekly total of 476km (300 miles). Now it’s back to the damaged roads, poor weather and angry drivers that I’ve missed so dearly (not!)


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