Surrey League London Dynamo Road Race

It has to be said that before today my start to the season has not gone to plan at all. Training couldn’t be going better, having just put a solid two week block in California. But on the racing side of things my results had read 3 race starts and zero finishes, the first two being due to punctures and coming down heavily early on in the Kingston Wheelers RR a week ago. So it’s about time I was due some luck!

Today I was wearing the colours of my 2nd claim club East Grinstead CC, because VC Meudon skin suit was destroyed in the crash. The circuit for the day was the Kitsmead Lane one, 10 laps totalling 48 kilometres. 

A full field of 60 Cat 3/4 riders took  to the start, and the first two laps were run off at a fairly sedate pace with no one keen to try a long one. The intensity increased but I was still comfortable, but not ideally placed in the bunch, so moved up right to the front. I would be thankful for this about 5 minutes later as I hear the sound riders hitting the deck in the exact position where I was prior. A few strong guys went off the front with  3 laps to go but the gap never reached more than 100 metres, so it was clear to expect a bunch sprint. This is what happened and as we took the final sweeping left turn I was well positioned in about 5th wheel, but opened up my sprint way too early. Despite this I was heading for about 8th until two riders collided right in front of me and I was lucky to slam the brakes on just in time to avoid running over a rider on the floor. This was with less than 100 metres to go, which is annoying to be caught up in but I am happy to just finish a race again! 

Next week I am racing a Crit at Lee Valley where I will hopefully pick up my first points of the season.

Race stats

Average speed – 41.4 km/h

Average heart rate – 157 bpm

Max heart rate – 183 bpm

Average cadence – 91 rpm

Normalised power – 248 W

Max power – 1,033 W


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