Les Ingman National B Road Race 

Ouch that was hard! Ever since stepping off the bike this afternoon I have been in a zombie like state, barely able to think straight and even struggling to put sentences together at times. I gues this is when you know you have given everything you possibly could have!

The course for today was an interesting one. 8 and half laps of a rolling 10 mile circuit (140km total)  added with dodgy road surfaces all the way round, made for a tough race. Seeing as this was my first ever Nat B, I would have been delighted just to have made it round in the bunch. But after the first 50km I knew this was going to be even tougher than I thought, and found myself pedalling for dear life in an attempt to stay in touch. And before long I had been dropped. Not something that has happened to myself for a while now but it’s never a nice feeling when it does happen. At least there were 3 others who had gone out the back as well, and we continued to ride in an attempt to get back on on the undulating descent, but the gap was only growing. The next 2 hours was a lonely ride, helped only by the company of a Spokes BPC Racing guy and the support of my dad at the feed zone. Those bottles and bananas were much appreciated! We rolled in just after the bunch, having been lapped not long before.

So I technically finished, although I was hoping to last a bit longer before going pop. But now I know what’s needed to progress to that level. Happy I persevered and didn’t just drop out as mentally and physically it should help me to become much stronger. There were no more than 30 finishers out of 80 starters which is testament to how hard it was today. Congrats to George Wood of Richardsons-Trek RT who took the win with a two lap solo break. Also a big well done to VCM teammates Dylan, Ed and Michael, with Dylan coming 11th.

Next up is the SL 3 day stage race, which will be another great experience for the legs and mind.


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